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Corporate Social Responsibility

K.K. Group of Companies

Sustaining the Quality Culinary Culture

The ISO 9001/22000 certified company, KKGC has focused immensely on quality-based bulk production and supply. The group tends to use sophisticated Avant-grade technology in all its milling as well as processing divisions, for the purpose of catering to the world food demand in the multi-dimensional aspects of quality and quantity at very reasonable prices. Despite catering to bulk demand globally, KKGC values maintaining sustainable business practices that can help bring forth the needed agro based products for healthy long-term human consumption.

K.K. Group of Companies

Awareness with Thalassemians

Thalassemians is a not-for-profit thalassemia support programme with a strong mission to run a campaign to create awareness on the thalassemia issues. Mr Jatin Kewlani, Director of K.K. Group of Companies is one of the key players within the program that provides benefits to existing Thalassemia majors who are on monthly blood transfusions for their optimistic, healthy and quality, social as well as academic lifestyle.

K.K. Group of Companies

Food for All!!!

The criticality of food shortage has created a global concern. On that note, K.K. Group of companies, has played a vital part when it comes to helping those in need. The company has arranged numerous donations as well as food and ration drives on regular basis believing in one noble cause that no one should sleep hungry.